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After a career in academia I established a technology management business.  I approached PMM to assist with my complex changing pension and investment requirements.  Over nearly twenty years I have found them to effectively analyse situations, provide excellent clear advice and implement the agreed course of action efficiently.  They provide excellent reports on discussions which are of great assistance.  It is a pleasure to do business with a team that puts your needs first and are there to support their clients.

Professor Emeritus J L Murray, Edinburgh


What has impressed me about Personal Money Management is their thoroughness and great communication skills. I have always felt that I got the best advice that matched my needs, whilst at the same time feeling in control.

Mr Roy Bates, Group FD Corgi Toys (Retired), Isle of Wight.

Throughout my career I have always admired professionalism. When it came to organising my complicated and diverse pension and investment arrangements, PMM displayed superb technical knowledge and real professionalism in their handling of my affairs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.


Mr G W Bennett, CEO AR Global (Retired), ex MD Loctite. Kent

As an academic and business man I always appreciate it when people I interact with on a professional level are true experts in their chosen field. I can safely say that is absolutely true of Personal Money Management. I have used their services for many years and would not hesitate to recommend them.


Professor Emeritus Carl Pidgeon, Edinburgh

Personal Money Management was recommended to me by a colleague who had successfully used their services.

My challenge was around pensions, in particular a company scheme moving from defined benefits to defined contributions, as well as the scheme’s future being in some doubt.

David at PMM guided this novice through various options, dealing with the “daft laddie” questions in a friendly, non-technical way, leading to an agreed plan of action for the future.

We are at a relatively early stage in our business relationship, but I have sufficient confidence in the company to recommend them to anyone who is looking for impartial advice delivered in a user friendly way.

Mr George Veryan, Operations Director, Trust Housing Association (Retired)


I engaged Personal Money Management to advise me on retirement strategy and my 5 deferred pensions. With one particular pension we encountered considerable technical difficulties that seemed impossible to overcome. Thanks to the professionalism and perseverance of Personal Money Management the transfer was completed and I now have a structured plan that I understand and can control.

Mr Ken Wallace, Balerno, Edinburgh


Throughout my industrial career and later my university career, my finances changed considerably. Fortunately, through Personal Money Management, they have been expertly managed, reducing significantly my Income Tax bill and dramatically eliminating my potential Inheritance Tax bill.  For both these miracles I am forever grateful.

Dr R F Neale, Edinburgh

My initial reason for approaching Personal Money Management was to obtain pension advice. The response I got opened my eyes to an entirely different way of managing my financial affairs which significantly improves my outlook as forced leisure time approaches.  Both Peter and David have been fully supportive, patient and immensely helpful in shaping my complicated investment portfolio into something even I can understand.  David has shown unending charm and politeness to my many and frequent “barmy questions” which confirms his ability to continue to always see the bigger picture and offer sound and practical financial advice at all times. I tend to think of PMM as an anchor in turbulent times and am happy to endorse their sterling efforts on my behalf.

Mr Robert McDougall, Chief Executive UK Charity (Retired), Edinburgh.


As a Human Resources professional I am well aware of the complexity of pensions and the ramifications of getting it wrong. When I had to make a complicated change to my own pension plans I sought advice from PMM. They gave me clear guidance, explained the choices that were right for my individual circumstances and facilitated the transfers smoothly. Their fee structure was straight forward and clear. I now have pension arrangements that I know are right for me. I am very happy to endorse Personal Money Management and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to both personal contacts and business clients.
Mr Kenny Nicholson, Chartered FCIPD
Director, Guardian People Solutions


In my career I have amassed a number of pensions and investments in various countries. This has created a very complicated investment and taxation situation that requires to be centralised and managed. Personal Money Management demonstrated to me superb pension and investment knowledge and have delivered fantastic results. I am confident my financial planning is being expertly managed by a firm who really try to deliver a superior service.

Michael G Henderson, Director USSA, Utah, USA.


For some time my savings and investments have been scattered in too many places and products. Personal Money Management helped me take charge of my money and gave me a clear report which showed me exactly where I was. They then explained clearly, with no jargon, where I should be. They organised everything and I am now happier and clearer about where my investments are. I would not hesitate to recommend Personal Money Management.

Mrs Elizabeth Erasmuson, Currie, Edinburgh


Over the last twenty years my pension and tax situation has been exceptionally complicated, fortunately Personal Money Management has guided me through the bewildering tax and pension world and allowed me to minimise my tax while maximising my pension funds. Now in retirement they continue to advise me on the complicated world of annuities, income withdrawal and phased techniques regarding the accumulated pension pot.

Mr Andy McGowan, Kirkcaldy, Fife


After selling my second property I had to wisely invest the proceeds to replace the rental income from my second property. Peter Marshall of Personal Money Management advised me not only on investments such as Bonds and ISAs but also on flexible low risk savings. I would be very happy to recommend their services.

Mrs Alice Montgomery, Balerno, Edinburgh


I was aware that an Individual Savings Account (ISA) was a tax efficient method of saving. Unfortunately when I looked into them I found that the range and number was overwhelming. Fortunately, a friend recommended Personal Money Management who explained the different types and charging structures and arranged the appropriate ISA for my personal and financial circumstances. Their advice was friendly, clear and always professional.
Mr Allan Forbes, Dalkeith


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