Advisers and Technical Backup

Dr Peter M Marshall Ph.D., DipPFS, AFPC, G60

Principal of Personal Money Management

Pete started his professional life as a physicist and mathematician, lecturing at Heriot Watt University. He finally made the move to practice as an Independent Financial Adviser in 1980 and since then has gradually built up Personal Money Management. His obvious mathematical abilities are particularly useful when assessing pension fund performance.

Pete is a specialist in Estate Planning and Retirement Strategies. He spends considerable time attending conferences and seminars across the country where the leading thinkers in the fields of the law and investment develop the latest techniques. Pete’s clients range from the very wealthy to the average family, many of whom have retained his services for several generations. In his spare time Pete enjoys golf, travel and wine tasting, sometimes all together.

David V Henderson BA, DipFA


After completing a degree with distinction in International Business, David’s professional career started as a currency trader in London. He spent 4 years on the Dollar / Deutschmark desk, at the time the highest grossing desk in the world. He then moved to the multi-currency desk trading all currencies against each other, where his daily volume would often exceed $1 billion. His clients included major institutions such as Citi Bank, Bank of China and Deutsche Bank London.

David specialises in Investment and Pension strategies. Clients range from very wealthy entrepreneurs with complicated requirements to those simply wishing to open an investment ISA.  In his spare time David enjoys skiing, running, golf and of course, wine tasting.

Compliance and Technical Support

In all matters of investment, compliance and procedure is an essential aspect. Additionally, as the worlds of investment, taxation and pensions become increasingly interwoven and complicated, it is often necessary to employ the expertise of specialists. To assist Personal Money Management (PMM) employ best practice in these areas, we engage the services of Compliance First, a company specifically focused on helping firms like PMM deliver the highest quality service to their clients.

We also engage the expertise of several tax and legal specialists, such as McLaughlin Crolla. This allows PMM to deliver a “joined up” service, where all aspects of the clients’ financial and corporate circumstances can be professionally and seamlessly factored into the solution. This is especially useful with high net worth individuals with complicated arrangements.

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